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The Section of Two
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Stuff We Think

Here's what I think...

Well it's Nat (Snot)
I'm not going to lie, our marching band kicked major butt this year. We played our brains out every time we stepped onto the field. We worked extremely hard on our show, and it really paid off.
We got to play at many band shows and many football games. It couldn't have been a greater senior year for me. Next year will be tough for me. I will not be in a band uniform on friday nights, unless I join malone's band. It will take some getting used to. I think Tiff will do a great job next year as the mellophone line. It has been so much fun being a Tuslaw Marching Mustang. I would never change any of it for the world. Good luck to the band next year. Keep kicking butt. Tiff, have a good season.. cherish every second, it goes by really quick. Oh, before you write names on a poster, make sure they are the right names =]
My baddddd. -haha- 
How yuh feel?
(I feel good)
How Good!?
(Real Good)
^^ our grammar sucks -heehee-

Well its now 2007, a year from when we started this site, we are now a section of two and soon to be a section of one. Its a sad time of the year because all the opportunities for us to play mello together are now gone. We are done and its really depressing. Any who, I think that our band accomplished quite alot over the past year. our show was amazing and we got alot of recognition for it too, which it is about time, weve been doing it for a long time un-noticed. Im really excited for next year as my senior class will hopefully be bringing up alot of band babies and we are def. up for the task. we are super excited. Im quite sad though because I will be the only mello left next year. But ethfar so I will move w/ my cheese and go on w/ it. but i guess i didnt think much cuz im done now.

Funny moments of the MELLO'S

Mason Mo
How you feel??
I feel good!!
How good??
Real good!!
Your the first person..
HEY NOW.. haha
Memoirs of a gay chef
da-da-da-doo-dat <~~ jump jive and wail, singin it on the feild -haha-
Me: Her mellophone leaked on me
Muffin: EW Me too!
Snot's mouthpeice freezing to her lips at the Dalton Christmas Parade
(not funny by the way) It was painful -haha-