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The Section of Two
Mello's in action
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The section of Two

A SECTION OF Two!?!? HECK YES WE ARE!! Heres a little info about Snot and Benne.


As my last year in marching band, It has been so much fun to be on the mellophone line. It really helps when the person standing right beside you is your best friend. I am really going to miss marching with Tiff next year. Just thinking of all of the good times we have had the past few years. I know that she will rock the band next year, as the mellophone line. If I am ever at college and need a laugh, I can most def. think of all the funny times we've had in marching band and that'll cheer me up. I hope you have a great year next year. Every friday night, If I am not at the game cheering you guys on I will be thinking about you guys. So Tiff I just want to say thanks for sticking with me the past few years and we totally rock the band. I hope you have a great season next year. I will be your biggest fan =]

Well hmm what can I say about me? Well I am a part time mellophone player, I normally play the bassoon and saxophone But the mellophone line absolutely rocks!! Snot is my family literally (considering that there isnt a highschool bassoon family but soon will be) This marching band season rocked because of her. Yeah she is friken awesome.  Im really glad that i stayed on mello for marching band this year. We had a lot of fun on the field this year playing songs that were just all around fun. For the most part we didn't let the other sections bother us this year like it has in the past. I think that is a major improvement for our section and it made it all the more fun. We had a lot of good times this year. But about me is what this is called so lets talk about me :) theres not much to talk about, i live band im somewhere playing at least 3 days in a different place outside my school and then playing w/ our school the rest and practicing. I teach three amazing students on bassoon and saxophone. I dance w/ my jazz group everyweek, they are the best. I love my friends to death and dont know where i would be w/o katie or nat. I miss my little dancer friends, they brought so much fun to my life. Im am actively involved in my church and do mission work every summer and I absolutely love GOD!
oh yeah and im in the SMP <--- just dont read that backwards lol :)


Favorite Quotes

Do, or do not, there is no try.
-Impossible is an opinion

Favorite Stuff

Snot's favorites

Favorite TV Show:Desperate Housewives

Favorite Movie:Grease/Wizard of Oz/School of rock

Favorite Music: Bon Jovi

Favorite Book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Favorite Song: I'm not alright- Sanctus Real

Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes without gravy

People I Most Admire: A lot, God/Jesus/Family/Friends/Teachers/

Song we played in M.B: All the tommy music

Benne's Favorites

Favorite TV Show: The Cosby Show

Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas or pirates of the caribbean Def. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM!

Favorite Music: contemporary christian

Favorite Book: Fire Bringer

Favorite Song: Jesus Freak -DC Talk and Stained glasS Masquerade by Casting Crowns

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Fudge

People I Most Admire: duh ...

Song we played in M.B: Final Countdown heck yes!!